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We are proud to have decades of experience in the commercial construction market.

  • Increase operating income by reducing your utility expense
  • Qualifies for 26% Federal Tax Credit and Accelerated Depreciation (MACRS)*
  • Financing options available to fit your needs/goals
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and promote sustainability within your business

* Assumes ‘for profit’ ownership

Solar4America Outdoor Cabinet


Standard Configuration: 30 kW/80 kWh

  • Advanced thermal management system
  • LiFePO4 battery compatible with reliability and energy density
  • Modular design, quick delivery
  • Small footprint, flexible installation, easy maintenance, expansion to MW-level system


As our customers demand complete and top-notch solutions for their solar system with a peace of mind. Under Solar4America, a trusted brand in the solar and roofing industry in America for over 30 years, we are offering state of the art fully integrated solar systems to our customers including solar panels, inverters, energy storage solutions. The Solar4America integrated systems are fully tested to ensure highest efficiency and each product is built in authentic materials with highest quality standards.

Over 100,000 Solar Systems and 1 Million Roofs Installed

As a solar, roofing, and energy storage contractor with a foundation in construction, we not only provide the front-end analytics needed to design a solution but the back-end implementation expertise required to deliver it safely and efficiently. Our commitment to “building it right the first time, every time,” has set the standard for roofing, solar, and energy storage projects nationwide.